Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bringing Wikipedia to Account: The WIKIPEDIA USER DATABASE

I am Wikipedia User: Contextflexed.

I am also the rap emcee and producer FLIPSIDE, and in real life I am Robert Goodwin from Boston, MA. I run the Rap Counter-Cointelpro for Boston MA. I have never made a band page declaring any of this on Wikipedia. I have, however committed the grievous internet crime of posting a link to my webpage in a relevant article criticizing Indymedia Center. This drew retaliation from two anonymous and connected Wikipedians: Daniel Tasripin of New York Indymedia Center and Jed Brandt from a Communist blog on a Burning Man blogserver. So I researched their identities, outed them, and left messages on their blogs that their anonymous sniping was done.

That silenced those two creeps. Four months went by, and then the anonymous scrubbing of that pernicious link began again in earnest. "IrishGuy," a Wikipedia code-monkey and self-proclaimed expert on Irish card tricks scrubbed the same link on the same basis as the interest conflicted Wikipedians from before. IrishGuy is a whitelisted administrator, meaning that he is given Uberuser status by Wikipedia's top administrators and is specifically immune from Conflict of Interest charges. A quick check showed that he thinks he owns the entries for:

Jack Kerouac's sexuality, Lists of Magicians, Irish Magicians, Ireland, The Departed, The Boondock Saints, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Catholicism, James J. Bulger, Danny Greene (Irish Mobster), the name Murphy, Eddie Murphy, the name Ryan, the name Patrick, Halloween, Hervé Villechaize, The Saint, Alfred E. Neumann, Narnia, Spike Milligan, Monty Python, Joppa, the year 1976, Cookie Crisp, Mickey Rourke, Guns N Roses, Slash, The number 5, the number 23, Bob Newhart's personal life, Three Kings, Dwarfs, The Beat Generation.

He asserts his "ownership" of these portions of Wikipedia by making sure that users without Uberuser status do not make the kinds of edits that he does to his own favored articles, by reverting any new changes to oblivion, and by using accomplices to murder user accounts. I caught him off guard by sending him a warning to desist or I would out his identity. Deprived of his usual method of unwriting other people's Wikipedia contributions, he complained to two more admins: "Wknight94," who thinks he owns every baseball related entry on Wikipedia, and "OrangeMike," a member of the Industrial Workers of the World, who was incensed at an article on my webpage critical of the IWW.

OrangeMike aka Michael James Lowrey of Renaissance Books, Milwaukee, who was supported by IrishGuy in his application for admin status, summarily terminated my account on the tenuous basis that my Wikipedia Username was the same as that of my personal website (this one). Mike Lowrey's Wikipedia name is also the same as his personal webpage, and he started / owns / promotes the Wikipedia Entry on Renaissance Books. IrishGuy reverted my links again, accused me of spamming Wikipedia, but Wknight94 put a permanent page block on my Userpage, preventing me from responding, and left a wink-wink, nudge-nudge message to IrishGuy that I was taken care of. Locked out of my account forever, I handsigned reply messages on IrishGuy's User page and then "Poeloq" aka Ian A. Holton rabidly took offense on the "character attack" I had made on respected admins, to which I broke him off a piece of my mind, and he wussed out, but then one or several Wikipedian administrators visited my website and queried German and English WHOIS databases to find out who is behind my website although I already supply this information in plain English through the Haters Magazine mainpage. Although Wikipedia has agreed by their stupid commie consensus method that a BADSITES policy (e.g. an Amish Shunning Policy) is not in force on Wikipedia, the apparatchiks listed above branded my webpage a BADSITE and demanded that all links to this site be busted off from Wikipedia. So now a state of war exists between Haters Magazine and Wikipedia.

I am now retaliating against Wikipedia for my user account being deleted without due process by IrishGuy, OrangeMike, and Wknight94. That was an unacceptable DOS attack against myself, and I respond in kind in the only way Wikipedians understand: by refusing to go away, and by exposing the identity of Wikipedia Admins. Since the most abusive admins are closest to the top of the Wikipedia hierarchy and since they nominate and approve the other admins as well as hide amongst them claiming "legitimate use of sockpuppets", I will out them all at my convenience until the anonymity function of Wikipedia Administration becomes useless, and the editors have to resort to honesty and straightforwardness. I further hold that my reaction is the natural and justifiable reaction that any reasonable person with surplus time, resources, skill, and pride would make after being kicked off an allegedly free 501 c) Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game by a team of medallion-wearing hentai and anal fisting experts for the crime of having a known identity and a sense of self-esteem and personal authority without having been duly appointed to Admin status or given any "Barnstars" for being obseqious and minuscule.

Nota Bene: Wikipedia had its chance. Wikipedia formally decided in March 2007 that Real Life Editorial and Administrative accountability was *not* going to be permitted. Regarding persons other than themselves, they believe they have a right to nose about in everyone else's business, accusing them of "internet crimes" such as Conflict of Interest, Spam, and Stalking when their identities are revealed. This includes half of the persons allegedly "criticizing" and "reforming" Wikipedia. The truth is that a central cabal of Wikipedia admins, including Risker, AudeVivere, David Gerard, Josh Gordon, Michael Noda, and Jayjg, have such enormously fat heads that they regularly discuss expanding the prosecutorial and probationary police powers of Wikipedia into real communities to have Wikipedians who disagree with Admins ---arrested! That desired capacity alone merits a full-scale attack on Wikipedian Anonymity. That Wikipedia is considered an information authority and uses coding hooks and crooks to place first in Google is another reason. Or perhaps you prefer to be ruled unworthy of existence by the self-proclaimed search engine police.

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Robert H Haskellephant said...
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Robert H Haskellephant said...

I had something similar happen to me the other day. That OrangeMike guy is a loser in the biggiest sense. I was not allowed to correct erroneous information about a subject I am an expert in. They also allowed some hack to copy and paste my research with out permission. Lesson I learned is that wikipedia has no credibility. Should have figured that when the begging for money bullshit started some time back. the site is run by trolls that have no lives.

randhir bahl said...
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